Friday 20 September 2013

Raising the Standard

The area known as The Blackheath Royal Standard, is one of the oldest and a pleasant part of  Royal Greenwich.  Sadly, however, in recent years, it has missed out on attention and amenities while other parts of the borough have not.  Local people have a real pride and affection for where they live and feel it is time that Greenwich Council also took an interest - go to Eltham, East Greenwich, Mottingham, Charlton or central old Greenwich and you will see flower beds, troughs of flowers by the roadsides and many plants that make the area look very attractive. Sadly these flower baskets and troughs, as well as the new 'Royal Borough' street signs, have not made their way to the Blackheath Royal Standard yet, which is a real shame but a mistake that can be easily and quickly corrected! 

What makes the Royal Blackheath Standard so appealing are the grassy islands, with the collection of independent shops which are on the site of the old Roman road -Old Dover Road/Watling Street!

The Royal Standard Blackheath Village Association  (BRSVA)  would like to see the old finger post sign re-erected on the green as well as a new local history board with a Village Crest, as can be found in Eltham, New Eltham and Mottingham.  This would help visitors to locate where they are in Royal Greenwich.  The history board would help us celebrate the rich local history of the Blackheath Royal Standard and there is a lot to celebrate! 

Many drivers pass through The Blackheath Royal Standard each day and don't know where they are; often the bus is the only way of identifying where they are. The proposal for a Blackheath Royal Standard Village crest would help solve this problem.

The Blackheath Royal Standard Village Association has discussed the environment including the disused toilet buildings on the green and have come up with various suggestions for their future use including an information centre or a small local history museum but would welcome the opinions of the local traders please?