Friday 27 September 2013

Our Association says NO to Pavement Tax!

The September meeting of BRSVA members of our committee were united in condemning plans by Greenwich Council to introduce a "Street Trading Licence" which has been dubbed the Pavement Tax by other Community and campaigning organisations.

The BRSVA wants Greenwich Council to support local shops in order to maintain the independence of the Blackheath Royal Standard and want Greenwich Council to invest in enhancing and maintaining the uniqueness of  this part of Blackheath and Greenwich.  As the pavement tax will deter new shops and businesses from opening and financially hurt existing ones The BRSVA has to oppose the introduction of this scheme! We are told there was little consultation with the local businesses and traders about this planned scheme. Unbelievable if true!
The Chair of the Blackheath Royal Standard Village Association, Patricia  Eskriett  Gillard,  says "The Blackheath Standard area is an interesting and unique part of Greenwich and we support council policies to promote and celebrate our local area, with its long history and  current local commerce,   but ask Greenwich Council  to continue to help us and  our local people by dropping the "Pavement Tax" proposal and supporting us   in this venture to put The Royal Blackheath Standard on the map".